Sunday, May 6, 2007

More on the Motu Proprio

So Christmas, Holy Thursday, Easter, the Holy Father's birthday, April 30th, and May 5th have now all passed with the Motu Proprio still having not been released. The rumours are still going strong and heres the latest one courtesy of Bishop Fellay of the Society of St. Pius X. "He [the Pope] has decided to prepare its publication by sending "experts" to the "hot" nations, to the nations in which there could be difficulties. How much time will it be necessary to prepare the ground? I do not know anything! It is mentioned now [that it may be published] towards the end of the year....Now, does that mean that is necessary to wait for the end of the year, that it will [be published] sooner... I truly do not know. ... I bring you rumors, noises which come from Rome." To me this means two things; first that the MP when released will have something new and important in it and will not just be the 1988 MP just with a different date and signature. Second, this news makes me a little less concerned with the when, many of us have been counting down the days for too long. We know it's coming, and we're now starting to see that it's really going to be something big. Why else would the Holy Father be sending ground forces if not to ensure that this MP doesn't go ignored like so many other documents of the past have. Let us continue to pray, and let us commit ourselves to be the instruments that allow this reform our Holy Father is planning, to really occur. I've heard it said several times that Benedict XVI is like a General without troops, we the faithful need to be his troops.

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