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To restore credibility, Cardinal Mahony should resign

by Phil Lawler special to CWNews.com Jul. 17, 2007 (CWNews.com) - Five years ago Cardinal Roger Mahony was reportedly encouraging Vatican officials to ask for the resignation of Boston's Cardinal Bernard Law. Using the same logical arguments that the American prelate presented in 2002, the Vatican should now ask Cardinal Mahony himself to step down. The sensational cost of the sex-abuse scandal for the Los Angeles archdiocese far exceeds the devastation in Boston. The $660-million legal settlement announced on July 16 is nearly five times the total of the financial damages in Boston. Combining that settlement with previous agreements, lawyers' fees, and other associated costs, the overall price to be paid by the faithful Catholics of Los Angeles will approach $1 billion.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Motu Proprio: Summorum Pontificum

Vatican - Agency I.MEDIA - July 4 2007The Motu Proprio "Summorum Pontificum" for the liberalization of the Mass according to the Missal of 1962 will be published on July 7The Apostolic Letter in the form of Motu Proprio which Benedict readies to publish in order to liberalize the use of the Mass and liturgical books according to the pre-Conciliar rite of 1962 will receive the name of "Summorum Pontificum", I.MEDIA has learned from Vatican sources. This document, greatly expected by the Traditionalist faithful and feared by a certain number of Bishops, will be published on July 7.Summorum Pontificum (in [English], "...of the Supreme Pontiffs") is the incipit (beginning of the text) of the Motu Proprio of Benedict XVI liberalizing the use of the Mass said of "Saint Pius V", I.MEDIA has learned from Vatican sources. This Apostolic Letter which will be made public next July 7. The document will be accompanied by a long letter by the Pope explaining his motivations for this publication of which certain Bishops, particularly in France, disapprove [lit. "take a dim view"].

John Howard welcomes Youth Day Cross

THE AGE: The 3.8-metre tall cross that symbolises World Youth Day has landed in Australia, as preparations begin for the event to be attended next year by Pope Benedict and an expected a half million Catholics. The cross and an accompanying icon - a portrait of the Virgin Mary - arrived from New Zealand to be formally handed over to Australia's Catholic leaders at an airport ceremony on Sunday attended by Prime Minister John Howard. Hundreds of clergy and other representatives from Catholic and indigenous communities of Australia and New Zealand gathered inside a Qantas hangar to welcome the arrival of the emblems of the week-long event, to be held in Sydney next July. Archbishops from both countries inspired the audience with speeches about what World Youth Day means to young people and the world of Christianity. Mr Howard said after the ceremonial handover that next year's gathering of an estimated 500,000 people would give Christians an opportunity to experience and renew their faith. "The cross and the icon (are) a reminder that next year World Youth Day will be a magnificent opportunity for the young in their thousands, not only from Australia, but around the world, to reaffirm their faith and to remind the world and to remind this nation of the enduring relevance and resonance about the Christian message," he told the gathering. "It's an occasion not only for Catholics, but for all who profess the Christian faith and the Christian belief, to celebrate the marvellous message of the Christian religion and its continuing importance to our country and the life of all of its citizens."

Beijing removes Papal Letter to Chinese Church from web

Several Chinese Catholic portals uploaded the letter in simplified Chinese after its publication, but government officials “convinced” them to remove it. All the same, the letter reached the community of the faithful through different channels. Beijing (AsiaNews) – The Letter of Benedict XVI to the clergy and the faithful of the People’s Republic of China has disappeared from Catholic websites which featured it after its publication. Meanwhile, in China, it is impossible to open the Internet site of the Holy See. This was confirmed by Chinese priests and lay people, official and otherwise, who manage the various portals. Some had uploaded the text in simplified Chinese as soon as it was published, but they received a visit from government representatives who “convinced” them to remove it. According to one priest, anonymous for security reasons, this ban “shows how true what the Pope wrote about government influence in religious affairs is”. At the same time, it “shows that the Church in China does not enjoy full religious freedom”.


Daily Express: Gordon Brown has banned ministers from using the word “Muslim” in ­connection with the ­terrorism crisis. The Prime Minister has also instructed his team – including new Home Secretary Jacqui Smith – that the phrase “war on ­terror” is to be dropped. The shake-up is part of a fresh attempt to improve community relations and avoid offending Muslims, adopting a more “consensual” tone than existed under Tony Blair.However, the change provoked claims last night that ministers are indulging in yet more political correctness.The sudden shift in tone emerged in comments by Mr Brown and Ms Smith in the wake of the failed attacks in London and Glasgow. Mr Brown’s spokesman acknowledged yesterday that ministers had been given specific guidelines to avoid inflammatory language. “There is clearly a need to strike a consensual tone in relation to all communities across the UK,” the spokesman said. “It is important that the country remains united.”He confirmed that the phrase “war on terror” – strongly associated with Mr Blair and US President George Bush – has been dropped. Officials insist that no direct links with Muslim extremists have been publicly confirmed by police investigating the latest attempted terror attacks. Mr Brown himself did not refer to Muslims or Islam once in a BBC TV interview on Sunday. Ms Smith also avoided any such reference in her statement to MPs yesterday.

"Abolish Abortion in Canada" is the Top Canadian Wish, CBC Announces

Pro-life votes reach 9,543 on CBC and Facebook's The Great Canadian Wish List (LifeSiteNews.com) - On Canada Day the CBC announced that "Abolish abortion in Canada" is the number one wish on The Great Canadian Wish List, a joint project between Facebook and the CBC. Since the rating began on May 28, Canadians watched with increasing interest as the numbers rose for the top 30 Canadian wishes. The fourth most popular wish, "Restore the Traditional Definition of Marriage," was preceded by the third, "For a spiritual revival in our nation." The second most popular was "I wish that Canada would remain pro-choice." Of the 16,000 people who registered their wishes, a majority of 9,543 votes supported the top wish to "Abolish abortion in Canada." "This should come as no surprise to anyone," said Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC). "We have always noted and the polls have confirmed that the majority of Canadians want protection for the unborn child. This poll of sorts by the CBC and Facebook only confirms what we have been saying all along." The CBC announces the winning wish at 7:30 a.m. on Canada Day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhZJgZfsGW8

Conservatives Award Order of Canada to Gay Pastor Who Attacked Vatican, Performed Illegal Gay "Marriages"

(LifeSiteNews.com) - Rev. Brent Hawkes of the Metropolitan Community Church in Toronto, the same man who flouted Canadian law by illegally "marrying" a homosexual couple in 2001, and who subsequently pushed homosexual "marriage" on Canada through the back-door of the judicial system, has now been awarded the highest honor that can be given to a Canadian civilian. This past Friday, Rev. Brent Hawkes was awarded, along with several dozen others, the high honour of the Order of Canada, given in recognition of "a lifetime of distinguished service in or to a particular community, group or field of activity." The award given under the Conservative Government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper has come as a shock to social conservatives and Catholics since Hawkes, in addition to flouting the law on marriage has attacked the Vatican. In an affidavit before the Supreme Court of Canada Hawkes bashed a Vatican document on homosexual unions and statements by Catholic bishops on the same as "expressions of hatred that should not be tolerated in our society." To express concerns:Conservative LeaderPrime Minister Stephen Harperpm@pm.gc.ca

New Zealand Bishop Speaks Out Against Visit of Pro-Abortion Nun

(LifeSiteNews.com) - Bishop Barry Jones has indicated that he will not remain silent as an American nun, infamous for her opposition to the Catholic Church's pro-life teachings and advocacy of female priesthood, preaches her agenda in his diocese. The Catholic Bishop of Christchurch has told his priests that this week's visit by Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister is unauthorized and unwelcome according to The Press, a New Zealand newspaper. Chittister, a member of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Pennsylvania-a dissident congregation in the Catholic Church - was invited by the Adult Education Trust to speak in Christchurch and elsewhere in New Zealand about "Spirituality & Culture: Sacred Challenges to a Secular World." The US nun has garnered a well-earned reputation as a vociferous advocate of contraception, abortion, and homosexuality, and has lambasted the Church's teachings on the latter as "spiritual violence and abuse." Bishop Jones made clear that he could not allow Chittister to speak in his diocese as if she were any Catholic in good standing on account of the scandal and confusion her message would give among Catholics. "The point is that silence generates the misunderstanding that this is all approved, when it's not. I have made my position clear to the priests," Jones said. "I don't see how I, as a bishop, can advance the teachings of the Catholic Church by appearing to condone other views." Chittister is scheduled to speak at St Margaret's College Chapel in Merivale on July 6th and 7th. Afterwards she leaves Christchurch to spread her gospel in Wellington on July 10 and 11, followed by a visit to Auckland on July 14 and 15 that will include speaking engagements at colleges and parish churches in those dioceses

Lesbian Gangs Raping Young Girls, Some Attacked in School Washrooms

(LifeSiteNews.com) - Last week, the Fox News' O'Reilly Factor exposed the increasing trend of lesbian gang violence terrorizing neighbourhoods and schools, especially in large cities across the United States. According to FOX News crime analyst Rod Wheeler there are some 150 such gangs in the DC area alone, including Washington, Maryland, and Virginia. The gangs, known as Dykes Taking Over (DTO) or Gays Taking Over, are forcing children into homosexuality. Wheeler told host Bill O'Reilly: "there is this national underground network, if you will, Bill, of women that's lesbians and also some men groups that's actually recruiting kids as young as 10 years old in a lot of the schools in the communities all across the country." In addition to carrying weapons and violently attacking people the lesbian gangs rape girl victims they recruit. "As a matter of fact," said Wheeler, "some of the kids have actually reported that they were actually forced into, you know, performing sex acts and doing sex acts with some of these people." (see the O'Reilly Factor segment: http://youtube.com/watch?v=CFgXVyeGh2A ) Homosexual activist bloggers are denouncing the O'Reilly Factor expose as falsehood. An NBC10 report from Philadelphia in 2004 titled "Students fear 'lesbian gang' at school" noted DTO members were harassing other students. Young female students were interviewed for the report and told of being bullied to becoming lesbians, of being groped and harassed in gym and girls bathrooms. (see the NBC10 report: http://www.nbc10.com/news/2857417/detail.html ) Violence by gays and lesbians is largely underreported in the mainstream media. In 2004, a report by REAL Women Canada pointed out that homosexual parenting would be harmful to children. One of the points made in the report speaks of "a higher rate of violence in lesbian and homosexual relationships than in married, heterosexual relationships." "A study in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence examined conflict and violence in lesbian relationships," says the report. "The researchers found that 90% of the lesbians surveyed had been recipients of one or more acts of verbal aggression from their intimate partners during the year prior to this study, with 31% reporting one or more incidents of physical abuse." The findings, says REAL Women are verified by other studies. (see the full report: http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2004/apr/040428c.html ) See related coverage:4-Year-Old Killed for Refusing to Call Mom's Lesbian Lover "Daddy" http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2006/mar/06032407.html

Recent Survey Indicates Drop in Support for Homosexual "Marriage"

By Elizabeth O'Brien WASHINGTON, DC, July 3, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A recently released survey by the nonprofit Pew Research Center (PRC) in Washington indicates that American support has decreased for homosexual "marriage". When conducting the survey, entitled "Generation Gap in Values, Behaviors," researchers contacted 2,020 people throughout the United States by phone from February 16 through March 14, 2007. They asked people of various racial backgrounds about issues relating to heterosexual marriage, unwed parenting, homosexual "marriage", homosexual parenting, divorce and cohabitation. A strong majority (65%) defined the main purpose of marriage as "forming a lifetime union between two adults for their mutual happiness and fulfillment," rather than the more traditional understanding of marriage as being for "bearing and raising children." When asked to choose between nine different things that make a marriage most successful, 93% stated that it was "faithfulness". The survey asked whether gay and lesbian couples should be allowed "to enter into legal agreements with each other that would give them many of the same rights as married couples." In total, 45% favored the idea while a slim 1% more (46%) remained in opposition. According to the survey, the number in favor of same-sex civil unions has not been this low since October 2003 (see http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2003/jul/03072909.html). Nevertheless, when asked specifically about same-sex "marriage", the results had changed significantly. The question was, "Do you favor or oppose allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally?" While 32% were in favor, 57% were opposed. According to the PRC, opposition to gay "marriage" has increased from 51% in March 2006. Instead, the current numbers are more akin to 2003 and 2004 numbers. The survey also noted, "The groups most likely to take issue with gay marriage include men, older adults (ages 50 and above), the less educated (high school or less), Protestants (particularly white evangelicals), and regular church attendees (weekly or more)." When asked about homosexual parenting, more women were in favor than men (59% opposed the idea). "Among women, opposition to gay and lesbian couples raising children has declined in the past decade," stated the survey. "In a 1997 survey of women only, a majority (56%) said this was a bad thing for society, compared with 42% saying this today. The negative reaction has fallen across the board among women, regardless of age, education and marital status." When asked about homosexual parenting, a total of 50% responded by saying that it is bad for society, 11% that it is good, and 34% said it didn't matter. Read the survey results: http://pewresearch.org/assets/social/pdf/Marriage.pdf

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Society of St. Pius X Superior General Bishop Bernard Fellay's recent speech in Oregon

Bishop Fellay - Update - Part #1 Bishop Fellay - Update - Part #2 Bishop Fellay - Update - Part #3 Bishop Fellay - Update - Part #4 Bishop Fellay - Update - Part #5 Motu Proprio - Update - #6 Motu Proprio - Update - #7 Motu Proprio - Update - #8 Motu Proprio - Update - #9 Motu Proprio - Update - #10 Motu Proprio - Update - #11 Motu Proprio - Update - Part #12 Motu Proprio - Update - Part #13 Motu Proprio - Update - Part #14

Scottish Cardinal challenges politicians on abortion

Edinburgh, May. 31, 2007 (CWNews.com) - Scotland's top Catholic prelate has exhorted Catholic politicians to stop defending legal abortion, saying that they must recognize "the barrier such cooperation erects to receiving Holy Communion." In a major address on the 40th anniversary of the Abortion Act, Cardinal Keith O'Brien of Edinburgh referred to abortion as an "unspeakable crime." "I urge politicians to have no truck with the evil trade of abortion," the cardinal said. Catholic lawmakers, he said, are morally obligated to find "means of overthrowing the legislation which makes the killing possible." The cardinal also said that doctors should refuse to cooperate with abortion, and medical schools should "teach that all human life deserves protection." Cardinal O'Brien issued a direct challenge to Scottish politicians: "Will you protect the right to life of all persons in our society from conception until natural death?" If politicians will not make that commitment, he said, the voters should refuse to support them. The cardinal decried the steady rise in the number of abortions performed in Scotland. In 2006 there were 13,081 abortions, up from 12,603 the previous years. Cardinal O'Brien described the rate of killing of the unborn as "unthinkable." Scottish Catholic leaders made a major push to reinvigorate opposition to abortion on the anniversary of the legislation that made the practice legal. In Glasgow, Archbishop Mario Conti urged pastors to preach about the evils of abortion and to "pray for legislation to protect the unborn child." Church leaders distributed 250,000 pro-life flyers through the 500 parish churches of Scotland.

New Bishops for Kingston, Vancouver and New Westminster

May 31 His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI today announced three Episcopal appointments and the resignation of two Bishops who are retiring as required by Canon Law, having reached the age of 75 years. Most Reverend Brendan M. O'Brien, Archbishop of St. John's, Newfoundland, has been named Archbishop of Kingston, Ontario. The Kingston see has been vacant since the death of Most Reverend Anthony Meagher in January 2007. Father Kenneth Nowakowski, rector of Holy Spirit Ukrainian Catholic Seminary in Ottawa has been named Ukrainian Eparchial Bishop of New Westminster in British Columbia. Father Nowakowski succeeds Most Reverend Severian S. Yakymyshyn, O.S.B.M. whose resignation was accepted by the Holy Father. Most Reverend Yakymyshyn served the Eparchy, the equivalent to a Diocese for the Oriental Catholic Church, since 1995. Most Reverend Michael Miller, C.S.B., Secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education in Rome, has been named Coadjutor Archbishop of Vancouver. He will succeed Most Reverend Raymond Roussin, S.M., the current Archbishop of Vancouver. When a bishop is close to retirement, a coadjutor bishop (from the Latin adjuvare, to help) is often named to assist him and to assure a smooth transition upon retirement, in accordance with Canon 403 of the Code of Canon Law. The Holy Father has also accepted the resignation of Most Reverend Matthew F. Ustrzycki, Auxiliary Bishop of Hamilton, who is retiring after serving the Diocese for the past 22 years at the side of the present Bishop, Most Reverend Anthony F. Tonnos.

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Nuns steamrolled by a paving job.

The Paving Job & The Nuns Tuesday March 27, 2007 Silverman Helps some nuns who felt steamrolled by a paving job. If you know where Michael David Jennings is, call (416) 340-2449. Check out the story: http://www.citynews.ca/news/news_10794.aspx And if you live in the Greater Toronto Area be sure to contact one of the companies who helped if you ever need work done: Vasco Paving Ltd. (Paving) Suppa Paving Limited (Paving) LaFarge North America (Asphalt Donor) MP Seasonal Services (Parking Lot Line Painting)

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More on the Motu Proprio

So Christmas, Holy Thursday, Easter, the Holy Father's birthday, April 30th, and May 5th have now all passed with the Motu Proprio still having not been released. The rumours are still going strong and heres the latest one courtesy of Bishop Fellay of the Society of St. Pius X. "He [the Pope] has decided to prepare its publication by sending "experts" to the "hot" nations, to the nations in which there could be difficulties. How much time will it be necessary to prepare the ground? I do not know anything! It is mentioned now [that it may be published] towards the end of the year....Now, does that mean that is necessary to wait for the end of the year, that it will [be published] sooner... I truly do not know. ... I bring you rumors, noises which come from Rome." To me this means two things; first that the MP when released will have something new and important in it and will not just be the 1988 MP just with a different date and signature. Second, this news makes me a little less concerned with the when, many of us have been counting down the days for too long. We know it's coming, and we're now starting to see that it's really going to be something big. Why else would the Holy Father be sending ground forces if not to ensure that this MP doesn't go ignored like so many other documents of the past have. Let us continue to pray, and let us commit ourselves to be the instruments that allow this reform our Holy Father is planning, to really occur. I've heard it said several times that Benedict XVI is like a General without troops, we the faithful need to be his troops.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Fr. Lombardi Comments on the May Day Concert Incident

VATICAN CITY, MAY 3, 2007 (VIS) - In a declaration released yesterday afternoon on TG1 (the television news of RAI, the Italian State broadcaster), Holy See Press Office Director Fr. Federico Lombardi S.J. affirmed that "the irreverent comments directed at the Pope and the Church during the May Day concert were clearly an act of irresponsibility. It is right to say so, and the trade union representatives were right to disassociate themselves" from those comments. Fr. Lombardi was referring to remarks made by one of the presenters of the concert, which is traditionally held on May 1 every year in the center of Rome. The presenter, Diego Rivera, said, among other things, that "the Pope does not believe in evolutionism," because "the Church has never evolved." Yesterday's edition of the Vatican daily newspaper, the "Osservatore Romano," described the comments by saying "it is a contemptible and terroristic act to throw stones, this time even against the Pope, while feeling protected by cries of approval from an easily excitable crowd." Speaking on TG1, the Holy See Press Office Director made it clear that, as both Giorgio Napolitano, president of the Italian Republic, and Cardinal Secretary of State Tarciso Bertone S.D.B. had pointed out, "it would be as well for all of us to seek to diffuse tensions and to re-create conditions for serene dialogue in our society. In this way, it is right that what was an evident act of foolishness should not become a tragedy and an opportunity to re-ignite huge conflicts."

Ontario Government Will Not Eliminate Constitutionally Guaranteed Catholic School System

By Hilary WhiteNIAGARA FALLS, April 30, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Ontario Education Minister, Kathleen Wynne, has confirmed that the Ontario government has no intention of eliminating the constitutionally guaranteed separate Catholic school system. Wynne was in Niagara Falls Friday at the annual meeting of the Catholic Principal's Council of Ontario and said, “I am here to offer unqualified support to Catholic education in the province.” The meeting was attended by about 500 Catholic principals.Last week, LifeSiteNews.com reported that the district school board trustees of Hamilton, Ottawa-Carleton and Grand Erie voted to ask that the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association to renew a request to the government to eliminate the separate schools. The separate system they say, is an unnecessary drain on scarce funds.Stoney Creek trustee Robert Barlow, said earlier this month that the separate systems are redundant since both systems accept students of any faith. “There is nothing different between us and the Catholic system,” Mr. Barlow said. “It’s a waste of money, money that could be put into the classroom.” Wynne said on Friday, “There is discussion in the province to shift what we inherited into something else, but I support the system that exists because of our heritage and our constitution.” Section 93 of the 1982 Constitution Act guarantees to Roman Catholics in Ontario the right to have a publicly-funded separate denominational school system.Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has also said that the government had no plans to scrap the Catholic system.

Texas Catholic Bishops Endorse Utilitarian Futile Care Theory

Renowned lawyer and bioethics critic Wesley J. Smith slams Texas Catholic Conference By Hilary WhiteAUSTIN, May 3, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The Catholic Bishops of Texas have endorsed a utilitarian theory that allows doctors and hospital bioethics committees to refuse life-saving treatments to patients who need and request them.Renowned lawyer and bioethics critic Wesley J. Smith has slammed the Texas Catholic Conference for opposing a bill that would allow patients an extra ten days to find alternate care facilities for patients who have been refused care on utilitarian grounds. A 1999 Texas law allows doctors and hospital ethics committees to refuse life-saving treatment even if a patient or family specifically requests it. Under the law, Patients’ families who have received notice that life-saving treatment will not be offered have ten days to find alternate care facilities. Texas Catholic Conference spokesman, Bishop Gregory Aymond of the Diocese of Austin, said to the House Committee on Public Health, “the tradition of our Church has always taught, that a person should be allowed to die with dignity and have a peaceful death.”Smith writes that the bishops have missed the point and are endorsing a utilitarian principle that has endangered the lives of patients. Bill HB 1094 would change the 10-day window to 21 days. It would, however, allow hospitals to refuse new forms of treatment that might be needed during the waiting period. The statute would remain in place that says, “The physician and health care facility are not obligated to provide life-sustaining treatment.”Bishop Aymond testified, “We believe that that is in conformity to God's will and that God is the one who chooses life and death. It is the teaching of the Church that we should not interfere with that. We also realize that sometimes families, through no fault of their own, are really not able to make those decisions because of their involvement, because of the emotions.”Smith responded to Bishop Aymond, saying, “This is little different than utilitarian bioethicists claiming that families shouldn't be able to make such decisions because of the guilt they feel or misplaced religious belief.”The bishops, says Smith, have confused the legitimate option for a patient to refuse unnecessary treatment, with an existing law that allows hospitals to threaten the well-being of patients and impose the subjective opinion that a patient is not worth saving. According to futile care theory the decision whether to treat is left to the doctor or bioethics committee who decide if a given treatment is worth the effort, based on the patient’s likelihood of recovery or “quality of life” issues. Elderly or brain damaged patients, Smith writes, are increasingly being refused ordinary care, such as antibiotics for infections, based on determinations of “medical futility.” Read Bishop Aymond’s statement:http://www.txcatholic.org/testimony-on-hb-3474.html To respectfully express concerns to the Texas Catholic Conference: 1625 Rutherford Lane, Building D Austin, Texas, USA 78754 Phone: 512-339-9882 Fax: 512-339-8670

Pro-abortion Sen. Hillary Clinton to Speak at Chicago Catholic Charity

Cardinal George disussed situation but has not asked that invitation be withdrawn as per USCCB policy By John-Henry Westen and Gudrun SchultzCHICAGO, Illinois, May 3, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Sen. Hillary Clinton has been scheduled to appear as the keynote speaker at a Catholic charity event in Chicago, despite objections from pro-life groups over her vociferous support for abortion and homosexual activism.The Mercy Home Graduates Luncheon is an annual fundraiser to support the Mercy Home Catholic children's charity. Mercy Home for Boys & Girls is a long-term residential home for young people ages 11 to 21, administered by Catholic priests. Fr. Scott Donahue is the current president of the organization. Mercy Home spokesman Mark Schmeltzer told LifeSiteNews.com that Fr. Donohue was approached by Chicago Cardinal Francis George about the upcoming Clinton fundraiser. "The Cardinal had some very understandable misgivings but he just wanted to be assured this was not a political stop," Schmeltzer told LifeSiteNews.com.Schmeltzer also said that the Catholic home was "happy to have someone of that high profile," speaking at their event.Asked if Mercy Home was concerned, as a Catholic institution, that such a staunch advocate of abortion was coming to keynote its fundraiser, Schmeltzer said that Clinton was coming to speak about education. "We're making it clear that it's not an endorsement of any kind," he said. "We're not taking a stand on the Senator's (Presidential) candidacy.""Mercy Home adheres to all the principles of the Catholic Church and the church's teaching of the right to life," said Schmeltzer. "We are in complete endorsement of the Catholic Church and the church's teaching as an entity of the Catholic Church."However, when asked about a 2004 US Conference of Bishops document which forbade Catholic institutions from permitting pro-abortion speakers, Schmeltzer replied, "I'm not familiar with whether or not that document was discussed."In 2004, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a policy document calling on Catholic institutions not to have pro-abortion politicians put on a pedestal due to the scandal it would cause. In their document, Catholics in Political Life, the Bishops' Conference states: "The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honour those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honours or platforms which would suggest support for their actions." (see coverage: http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2004/jun/04062102.html) Joseph Scheidler, national director of the Pro-Life Action League has organized a demonstration against Senator Clinton's appearance in Chicago. He told LifeSiteNews.com that her appearance would set a precedent for pro-abortion speakers at other Catholic events."They'll use that, Hillary can then say, well, I spoke at Mercy Boys in Chicago," he said.Asked if Mercy Home would object to a politician speaking who rather than supporting abortion, supported racism, Schmeltzer replied, "I couldn't speak on hypotheticals . . . but I imagine that we would." To politely express concerns contact: Cardinal Francis George Archdiocese of Chicago 155 E. Superior Street Chicago, IL 60611 312-751-8230 Press 4 312-751-5307 - Fax or Mercy Home Email: mhinfo@mercyhome.org Call: (312) 738-7560

Report Says Vancouver “Safe Injection” Site a Failure

By Gudrun SchultzVANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 4, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A Vancouver safe-injection site for drug addicts has not reached the goals that proponents of the facility claim, according to a new study published Wednesday in the Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice.The controversial Insite facility, the first of its kind in North America, opened as a pilot project over three years ago in Vancouver‘s notorious Downtown Eastside. Heroin or cocaine addicts are provided with clean needles and allowed to inject themselves with their own heroin or cocaine under a nurse’s supervision. Supporters claim the site reduces overdoses and HIV infection-transfers among injection drug users by preventing them from sharing needles. Crime rates are also said to have dropped in the vicinity of the site.According to a new study authored by Colin Mangham, director of research with the Drug Prevention Network of Canada, those claims are faulty and ignore research showing the project has failed to reach its goals, the Canadian Press reported May 3.“[The findings] give an impression the facility is successful, when in fact the research clearly shows a lack of program impact and success,” Mangham said.Studies published in top medical journals, including the Lancet, the British Medical Journal and the New England Journal of Medicine, claim that Insite has produced a reduction in public disorder, crime and overdose deaths. Mangham disputed those findings saying the studies assume that overdoses occurring at the site would have led to deaths if they had happened on the street. “We do not know if any of the overdoses would have resulted in death outside the side,” Mangham said in his study.“The number of overdose deaths in Vancouver and the Downtown Eastside has increased since Insite started up. This…at least suggests that in its three years of operation Insite has produced no impact on overdose deaths.”Mangham said a 2005 study published in the American Journal of Infectious Diseases that reported a reduction in needle sharing among addicts using Insite was misleading. “Only exclusive use of Insite correlates with reduced sharing. If someone uses Insite for all their injections, it goes without saying they would not share needles. Only one in 10 HIV negative participants reported using Insite for all their injections.”As well, Mangham’s study attributes a reduction in public disorder and crime in the area to an increase in police presence, saying it was not due to the facility.Initial reports on the facility claimed the initiative was successful because of the high volume of users--as many as 600 per day. Within a six-month span in the first year of operation there were 107 overdoses reported among 72 “clients” of the facility, the report also acknowledged. As well, the report stated that only 2.3 per cent of addicts using the site contacted a nurse or counselor, saying, “visits to Insite for nursing care or counseling have been uncommon to date.”The Conservative government has extended the program’s operation until Dec. 31, 2007, calling for additional research into the success rate of supervised injection sites.Randy White, president of the Drug Prevention Network of Canada, said Mangham’s study could have an impact on the future of the Insite facility.“There are people in Vancouver and throughout the country who do not agree with the project and would like to see a balancing of the reports and evaluations and I think this is the first time and I think that’s good,” White said Prevention and treatment are the best approaches to dealing with substance additions, he said.Federal Health Minister Tony Clement announced in September 2006 that no further safe injection sites would be established in Canada until the Vancouver review is completed.See previous LifeSiteNews coverage:Vancouver "Safe" Drug Injection Site Claims "Success" with 600 Users a Dayhttp://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2004/sep/04092704.htmlVancouver Mayor and MP Libby Davies Pushing for "Harm Reduction" for Crack and Prostitutionhttp://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2004/sep/04092305.html

Famous Homosexual Italian Author Returned to the Church Before Dying of AIDS

By Gudrun SchultzCOREGGIO, Italy, May 4, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A leading Italian author of the 80’s who was known for extreme depictions of homosexuality, violence and pain in his work underwent a conversion to the Catholic faith shortly before dying of AIDS.Openly homosexual Pier Vittorio Tondelli was recognized as one of the greatest Italian authors of his time. A writer and playwright, Tondelli’s work was initially censored by Rome officials on charges of obscenity for his explicit portrayals of homosexual life. He was eventually acquitted of the charge of obscenity, but scandal continued to follow his work over the homosexual content. In the months leading up to his death Tondelli returned to the Catholic faith. He had largely withdrawn from society after discovering he was infected with HIV and had kept his illness out of the public eye.Fascinated throughout his life by the works of Jewish mystics, the Imitation of Christ and the writings of such Catholic leaders as St. Teresa of Avila, Tondelli wrote, “I love to look through them, to find and read stories, and the idea of holiness.” After his conversion, Tondelli called chastity “a mystic virtue for those who have chosen it and perhaps the most superhuman use of sexuality.”In the days before his death Tondelli read the Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians, the last material he read. Notes jotted in the margins read, “Literature does not bring salvation, never. Only love, faith and falling back into grace saves.”Tondelli died of AIDS in Milan in 1991. His silence about his infection with HIV and the quiet lifestyle he chose for the final years of his life have been a source of outrage to the homosexual community. With files from Catholic News Agency.

Bishops Conferences Admit to Approving Abortifacient Drugs for Rape at Catholic Hospitals

Catholic Medical Association Opposes Measure - Calls for Vatican clarification By John-Henry Westen

HARTFORD, May 2, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The Catholic Medical Association, the largest professional organization of Catholic physicians in the U.S. is resolutely opposed to the use of the abortifacient morning after pill (also known as 'emergency contraception' or its generic name Plan B) in Catholic Hospitals because of its potential to cause abortions. Nevertheless, the Catholic Bishops of both Connecticut and Wisconsin and other states have publicly admitted that their Catholic hospitals are distributing such pills to rape victims.In testimony before the Wisconsin Senate Committee last week, the Wisconsin Catholic Conference noted that Catholic hospitals were in fact already administering the morning after pill with the use of pregnancy tests. Kim Wadas, Associate Director for Health Care at the Conference, told the committee, "Catholic hospitals in Wisconsin can and do treat victims with emergency contraception." (see the full testimony here: http://www.wisconsin.nasccd.org/bins/wisconsin/content/pages... )In a joint April 25 letter signed by the Bishops of Connecticut, Archbishop of Harford Henry Mansell, and Bishop of Bridgeport William Lori, the prelates state: "It is important to repeat that Connecticut's Catholic hospitals do provide emergency contraception." Later in the letter they add, "We would not object to passage of a statute that would require all hospitals to adopt protocols requiring the distribution of Plan B to sexual assault victims when medically appropriate." (see the letter at the Connecticut Catholic Conference website here: http://www.connecticut.nasccd.org/bins/connecticut/content/d...'s%20Letter%20on%20Plan%20B.pdf )LifeSiteNews.com has learned that some Catholic hospitals in Massachusetts, Colorado, New York, California, Washington also offer so-called 'emergency contraception' to some rape victims.The bishops of these dioceses believe they are allowing the use of emergency contraception only in cases where "appropriate testing" has determined that the woman is not pregnant and thus the pill, in halting ovulation may prevent a pregnancy occurring as a result of the rape. The science however does not definitively back up their hopes.Medical evidence, accepted by the largest association of Catholic doctors in the United States, demonstrates that the pregnancy tests used cannot accurately detect a pregnancy at fertilization but only after implantation which takes more than a week after the new life is formed. A more stringent protocol known as the ovulation method used in some Catholic hospitals, seeks to determine if the patient has ovulated and if the test indicates she has not, the pills can be given. However, medical evidence demonstrates considerable doubt that even these tests can detect a potential fertilization in time to prevent an abortion caused by administration of the pill. (for a detailed look at this aspect of the medical evidence see here: http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2007_docs/UScatholichospitalsand...)Even if such tests could accurately determine that ovulation has not yet occurred another difficulty exists. A study by Dr. Chris Kahlenborn in 2003 found that the pill only works to halt ovulation half the time. Thus fertilization may occur even after the pill is administered, and an abortion would result since in addition to stopping ovulation the pills act to weaken the lining of the uterus making implantation unsustainable. See Dr. Kahlenborn's study here: http://www.polycarp.org/postfertilization_polycarp_1.htm Dr. Kathleen Raviele, the President-Elect of the Catholic Medical Association, told LifeSiteNews.com that the science is complex and "Bishops can't be expected to understand all of the medical nuances of this." She says however that the situation as it stands requires reassessment. "In everything we err on the side of life," she said and thus the administration of the morning after pill in Catholic hospitals is "not justified."At its Annual Meeting in 2003, the Catholic Medical Association passed a resolution correcting theologians who have erroneously suggested that it would be legitimate for Catholic hospitals to provide "emergency contraception" to rape victims. The Catholic doctors said that the term 'emergency contraception' is "a misnomer as it does not consistently prevent fertilization". The resolution concludes that the drug, "has the potential to prevent implantation whether given in the pre-ovulatory, ovulatory, or post-ovulatory phase, that it cannot be ethically employed by a Catholic physician or administered in a Catholic Hospital in cases of rape".Raviele added that the most common morning after pill currently in use, Plan B, has many negative side effects such as nausea and dizziness, and the medical literature is pointing to use of the abortion drug RU-486 as a replacement. "The next emergency contraceptive on the horizon is going to be a low dose of RU-486 since it has no side effects," she warned.Dr. Kahlenborn, who, with two other physicians, did the study on the effect of the morning after pill told LifeSiteNews.com, no one knows for sure how the morning after pill works. Acting in an area of life and death in uncertainty, suggests Dr. Kahlenborn, is reckless. "The bishops who approve this are approving potential abortions," he said."You have the Catholic doctors telling you this and even Protestant doctors," said Kahlenborn speaking of the Catholic Medical Association and the two Protestant and Mormon physicians who co-authored the study on the morning after pill. "Who are the bishops listening to?," he asked rhetorically.The Catholic Health Association is an association led by theologians which advises the bishops on such matters and it approves of the limited use of the morning after pill in Catholic hospitals for rape victims. Dr. Kahlenborn wondered about reliance on theologians for opinion on medical science rather than on medical doctors. "Basically saying your theologians are smarter than all the doctors out there," he said.Given the complexities involved, Dr. Kahlenborn suggested that a new Vatican intervention would be required to clear up the situation. "The only way I really think its going to change is if the Vatican does something," he concluded.To politely request that the Pontifical Academy for Life clarify the situation write: pav@acdlife.va

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

YouTube Pulls Videos Showing Homosexual Indoctrination of Elementary School Children

By Hilary White CAMBRIDGE, MA, April 26, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A video has been removed that was posted to the online video service, YouTube, showing teachers using homosexual materials in class to promote the normalization of homosexuality to young children. The film, “It’s Elementary”, was made in 1996 by Women’s Educational Media, a San Francisco-based group that claims the film “has served as a catalyst for schools all over the world to become more proactive in addressing anti-gay prejudice in the classroom.” The link to the site on YouTube where the video was, now carries a message saying, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Women's Educational Media.” The videos were cached on the website of Mass Resistance, a pro-family lobbying organization. Read previous LifeSiteNews.com coverage: MUST SEE VIDEO - Homosexual Propaganda Fed to Elementary School Children http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2007/apr/07042407.html The video can be viewed at http://www.massresistance.org/media/video/brainwashing.html

Still No Motu Proprio

Probably the first big Vatican news that I will have the pleasure of speaking about here will be the much anticipated motu proprio on the Tridentine Mass when it is released. The rumour mill has been spinning non-stop for over a year now, but it seems that the document is now imminent. Alice von Hildebrand has said that the Holy Father told her it will be coming out this May, making this Saturday (May 5th) the feast of Pope St. Pius V on the pre-conciliar calendar the most likely date in the minds of many. We do know that it is ready with Cardinal Bertone, and Cardinal Kasper both seperately confirming this. We don't know what it will say however, so we must pray for the Holy Father that he will be guided by the Holy Spirit as well as pray that the Tridentine Mass will bear much fruit in the Church for generations to come.
Prayer for the Liberation of the Tridentine Mass:
Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, cuius Spiritu totum corpus Ecclesiae sanctificatur et regitur: Exaudi nos pro universis ordinibus supplicantes, ut gratiae tuae munere, ab omnibus tibi gradibus fideliter serviatur. Per Dominum Nostrum Iesum Christum filium tuum, qui tecum vivit et regnat in unitate Spiritu Sancti, Deus, per omnia saecula saeculorum. Amen.

Threatened Archbishop Gets Strong Backing from Pope

Rome, May. 1, 2007 (CWNews.com) - Pope Benedict XVI has given his full support and encouragement to Genoa's Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco, the president of the Italian bishops' conference, in the wake of death threats against the Italian prelate. The Holy Father placed a personal phone call to Archbishop Bagnasco on Monday, April 30, after hearing that the archbishop had received a bullet in the mail. Father Federico Lombardi, the director of the Vatican press office, said the Pope's gesture was "a personal call of solidarity." Later on Monday the Pope followed up on his message with a telegram, signed in his named by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, urging Archbishop Bagnasco to “continue in his work for the common good, defending and promoting those human and religious values without which it is impossible to build true, free and stable democracies." The Pope went on to express “his profound and painful shock” at the “grave and despicable events which aim to disturb the serene coexistence of the civil and ecclesial community." Archbishop Bagnasco has received several threats-- including some ominous messages spray-painted on the Genoa cathedral-- since he issued a strong statement on March 31 opposing legal recognition of same-sex marriage and asserting the right of the Church to speak out on public issues. Italian President Giorgio Napolitano also sent a message of support for Archbishop Bagnasco. "I wish to assure you," the Italian leader send in a message to the Vatican Secretary of State, "that Italy will not leave Archbishop Bagnasco alone to face the present threats.” Since the latest death threat, which arrived this weekend, Archbishop Bagnasco has received a heavy policy escort, and security guards have flanked him during his public appearances. Cardinal Camillo Ruini, who had preceded Archbishop Bagnasco as president of the Italian bishops' conference, told the Italian daily Corriere della Sera that Italian Church leaders would not be silenced by threats. “We will speak even more clearly and forcefully," he vowed.

Pope's Book Passes One Million in Sales

Rome, Apr. 30, 2007 (CWNews.com) - More than 1 million copies of the new book by Pope Benedict XVI, Jesus of Nazareth, have been sold in just 2 weeks. The Italian edition of Jesus of Nazareth has sold 510,000 copies, while the German edition has sold 480,000, and the Polish edition 100,000, the latest figures show. The book went on sale on April 16, the Pope's 80th birthday. The English-language version of the book, to be published by Doubleday, is due to appear on May 15.

Europarliament: Religious Leaders Homophobic, But Cardinal Defends Church, Citing Catechism

ROME, APRIL 30, 2007 (Zenit.org).- Church officials criticized a European Parliament resolution that condemns "discriminatory comments" made by political and religious leaders against homosexuals. The resolution, which passed 325-124, with 150 abstentions, condemns the "discriminatory comments formulated by politicians and religious leaders about homosexuals, as fermenting hatred and violence -- even if they were later withdrawn -- and it asks that the hierarchies of the respective organizations condemn them as well." The European Parliament did refuse to include the proposal of three Italians to publicly condemn Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco for his statements against homosexuals, which were falsely interpreted by the press and then later clarified. The approved resolution invites member states to propose laws "that overcome discriminations suffered by same sex couples" and "reminds all member states that the prohibition of the Gay Pride Parade and the lack of protection offered to its participants are against the principles of the European Convention of human rights." The resolution also proposes that an annual "International Day Against Homophobia" be held on May 17. Time to settle Cardinal Angelo Scola of Venice and Cardinal Peter Erdo and Monsignor Aldo Giordano, president and secretary-general of the Council of European Bishops' Conferences, respectively, defended the Church against accusations that it doesn't respect homosexual persons. "There is no homophobia in the Catholic Church and it is time that all this ended," Cardinal Scola said on Thursday to the Italian bishops' television network, Sat 2000. Referring to the European Parliament, he said: "There needs to be more respect for the orientation of our people. There is no need to tell lies." Paolo Bustaffa, director of the Italian bishops' SIR news agency, told Vatican Radio last Thursday: "It is clear that they are suspicious of the Church's thinking in regard to these situations, these people, for whom -- the Catechism of the Catholic Church says -- the Church has a great respect." "Respect for people, however, cannot nullify a problematic aspect," he added. "There must be understanding but in many cases there cannot be justification."

Official Warns Against Idolizing Nature

VATICAN CITY, APRIL 30, 2007 (Zenit.org).- A Vatican official warned against idolizing the environment and losing sight of the dignity of the human person, in the wake of a conference on climate change and development. Cardinal Renato Martino, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, said this Friday, at the end of the dicastery's two-day conference. It brought together some 80 experts and focused on various aspects of climate change and the development of peoples. "Nature is for the human person and the human person is for God," Cardinal Martino said. "In considering the problems associated with climate change, one must look to the social doctrine of the Church," which "neither supports the absolutization of nature, nor the reduction of nature to a mere instrument." "Nature is not an absolute, but a wealth that is placed in the person's responsible and prudent hands," he added. Indisputable superiority The president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace explained that the human person cannot be placed on an equal plane with other creatures. "The person has an indisputable superiority over creation and, in virtue of his personhood and being gifted with an immortal soul, cannot be placed on an equal plane with other living beings, nor can he be considered a disturbing element in the natural ecological equilibrium," the 74-year-old cardinal said. He continued: "The person does not have an absolute right over nature but rather a mandate to conserve and develop it in light of the universal destination of the earth's goods which is one of the fundamental principles of the social doctrine of the Church." Losing sight The president of the Vatican dicastery noted the problems associated with climate change, and said that "the social doctrine of the Church must deal with the many modern forms of idolatry of nature that lose sight of the person." "Similar views of ecology emerge in the debate on demographic problems and on the relationship between peoples, environment and development," he added. Cardinal Martino recalled the 1994 international conference in Cairo on population and development. There, "the Holy See had to oppose, together with many Third World countries, the idea that the increase in population in the coming decades would cause the collapse of the earth's natural balances and would impede development," he said. Refuted "These theses have been refuted and, thank goodness, are in regression," said the cardinal. He explained that the proposed solutions for these erroneous ideas were abortion and mass sterilization of the poor. "The Church proposes a realistic view of things. She has faith in the person and in his ability to look for new solutions to the problems that history places before him -- an ability that enables him to refute recurring and improbable catastrophic forecasts," he added. The cardinal recalled that "according to the concept of human ecology developed by Pope John Paul II, ecology is not only a natural emergency, but an anthropological emergency, in which what is valued is man's relationship with himself and above all his relationship with God." "An anthropological error is therefore a theological error," underlined Cardinal Martino. "When the person wants to take God's place, he loses sight of himself and his responsibility to govern nature."

Jesus in New York

Archdiocese of New York vocations video put together by the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

San Francisco Archdiocese on BBC "Gay Mass": It was not a Mass and We Didn't Endorse it

By Hilary White SAN FRANCISCO, April 27, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The Archdiocese of San Francisco is refuting the Evening Standard's claim that a service to be broadcast worldwide this Sunday by the BBC from a San Francisco parish is a "gay Mass". With the headline, "BBC to broadcast gay mass from San Francisco" the Evening Standard reported today that the event, recorded last October 22, was presided over by Jesuit Fr. Donal Godfrey with preaching from one of Britain's leading homosexual theologians, James Allison. The Standard reported that the "Mass" will feature prayers and readings tailored for the gay community. Maurice Healy, Communications Director for the Archdiocese, however, was adamant that what will be broadcast is neither a Mass nor endorsed by the Archdiocese. Healy told LifeSiteNews.com, "The event was not, repeat not a 'gay mass' it was a prayer service organized by Jesuit father Donal Godfrey." Healy said, "I'm told that he organized it. It was not an archdiocesan function and the archdiocese was not aware of the BBC broadcast." The BBC's Radio4 Religion and Ethics Sunday Worship program will broadcast the event held last October 22 at Holy Redeemer by Fr. Godfrey, of the University of San Francisco. Godfrey, of the University of San Francisco, is a regular at Holy Redeemer and focused on the openly gay-supporting parish for his Doctorate of Ministry degree. On October 8th 2006, he gave a homily there entitled, "Finding God in the Erotic." The sermon to be broadcast this weekend was presented by James Allison, a homosexual theologian and author of the book, "Faith Beyond Resentment: Fragments Catholic and Gay," that is described as "a stunningly original re-imagining of the Catholic faith…from the gay perspective." The British Allison has also authored "Is it ethical to be Catholic? - Queer perspectives." Holy Redeemer is well known as the "gay" parish of San Francisco and sponsors a contingent of parishioners who march in matching t-shirts identifying their affiliation with the parish in the Gay Pride parade. The parish website carries photos of the pastor of Holy Redeemer, Fr. Stephen Meriwether, dressed in Mass vestments blessing the participants outside the church. Lewd homosexual bingo nights staged as benefits for the parish's AIDS ministry in which sex-toys and pornographic DVDs were handed out as prizes, were stopped after the events became public and the archdiocese received complaints. The bingos were organized by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a radical homosexual activist group who dress up in bizarre parodies of nuns' costumes and are widely known for hostility towards the Catholic Church. When asked about the participation of the parish in the Gay Pride parade, Healy responded, "Their participation could be seen as a way of outreaching. They don't have the archdiocese' approval but Catholics are independent minded people." When asked directly if Holy Redeemer is the gay parish in San Francisco, Healy said, "These are complex issues." He continued, "We don't make differentiations between gay parishes and other parishes. We don't take a census about ethnicity, or homosexual orientation."


A sermon by St. Alphonsus Liguori.

Feast of St. Joseph the Worker

O St. Joseph whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the Throne of God, I place in you all my interests and desires. O St. Joseph do assist me by your powerful intercession and obtain for me from your Divine Son all spiritual blessings through Jesus Christ, Our Lord; so that having engaged here below your Heavenly power I may offer my Thanksgiving and Homage to the most Loving of Fathers. O St. Joseph, I never weary contemplating you and Jesus asleep in your arms. I dare not approach while He reposes near your heart. Press him in my name and kiss His fine Head for me, and ask Him to return the Kiss when I draw my dying breath. St. Joseph, Patron of departing souls, pray for us. Amen
Say for nine consecutive mornings for anything you may desire. It has seldom been known to fail.
This prayer was found in the fiftieth year of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In 1500's it was sent by the Pope to Emperor Charles when he was going into battle.

Day #1 of Humilis Famulus

Hello and welcome to my blog, as time goes on I hope to make this a very useful destination for anyone interested in the Catholic faith. I am a young man living in Toronto who loves the Church, which is Christ's gift to us. I am currently undergoing a process of discernment for the Holy Priesthood, I ask for your prayers as well as any help I can get improving the site. I named this blog "Humilis Famulus" meaning "Humble Servant" because we are all called to be humble servants of Christ.